Bubbly Prebiotic Sodas

Bubbly Prebiotic Sodas
Mar 2023

Mayawell's Bubbly Prebiotic Sodas are the first of their kind to use agave in two ways--as a natural sweetener and as a source of prebiotic fiber. These low-calorie canned drinks come packed with prebiotics that are beneficial for the gut and they offer a healthier choice to sugary sodas.
These sodas are available in a range of fresh and fruity flavors from Strawberry Ginger and PEar Lime to Pineapple Mango.
Sodas with gut health benefits are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve digestive health and overall well-being. While regular sodas can be acidic and can contribute to digestive distress, sodas with gut health benefits provide the same great taste with an added boost of beneficial prebiotics to restore healthy bacteria in the gut and support a healthy immune system.